The company "Sonyah - Fabryka Smaku" works in the market of food products since 2004 and has established itself as a stable and reliable manufacturer and supplier of packaged sunflower seeds, sunflower oil and a wide range of cereals.

To manufacture our products using only high quality raw materials advanced farms of Ukraine, which along with modern production technologies saves inherent nature of complex nutrients and rich taste of natural products.

Own a fully functional quality control laboratory allows the production process at all its stages. All products are fully certified by State Standard of Ukraine and the supervisory organs of the European Union countries.

Our products are packaged in a modern, strong and bright packaging that allows you to place a compact product line on the shelves of a shop, visually stand out from your competitors.

Sunflower seeds are packed in transparent polypropylene bags, and the metallized package in a nitrogen environment that does not allow oxygen to enter the package and allows you to preserve the freshness of taste.

Sunflower oil is available in two types - refined and unrefined. The process of refining, deodorization and winterezing passes the most modern equipment and fully complies with all norms and standards DSTU 4492: 2005.

Cereals are packed in sturdy, upright standing bags, equipped with valve-sticker. The valve allows re-hermetically sealed package after opening, that permanently preserves the taste of fresh grains during use.

Products provided advertising and marketing support and POS materials.

Own fleet of modern trucks of different carrying capacity allows you to quickly and in time to deliver the ordered consignment of goods to any place in Ukraine, regardless of volume.

Products are widely represented and is in great demand in many regions of Ukraine, and also exported to several countries, including Israel, Germany, the Baltic countries and Asia.